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How to Watch Peacock TV in Canada [Simple Guide in 2023]

Watch Peacock TV in Canada

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Is Peacock TV available in Canada? No, Peacock TV is not available in Canada unless you use a VPN. Our top recommendation here is ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Peacock TV in Canada? [Simple Steps in September 2023]

Can I watch Peacock Tv in Canada? Yes, you can watch Peacock TV in Canada, only by subscribing to a reliable VPN. Follow these steps to watch Peacock TV in Canada;

  1. Subscribe and Download a premium VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Install the VPNs App and log in.
  3. Connect to one of its US servers.
  4. Access Peacock TV’s website or App and enjoy all your favorite shows.

What is Peacock TV?

Canadian users of the American over-the-top (OTT) streaming service Peacock can do so easily. More than 33.1 million people use it every month, and it’s owned and operated by NBC Universal, a Comcast subsidiary. Various shows, movies, news, and more are available to stream. There’s a lot of interest, and it’s on par with services like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus Voot, and YouTube TV.

Can you get Peacock TV in Canada? Yes, you can get Peacock TV in Canada with the help of a premium VPN to by-pass the geo-restrictions. Since its launch in the middle of 2020, NBC Peacock Canada has consistently been one of the most popular streaming services by posting a wide variety of material. Most of Universal’s original material and many NBC shows are among them. If you want to know more about Peacock TV, then keep reading this blog! However, NBC is also geo-restricted, so if you’re outside the United States and want to view NBC, HBO Max, or YouTube TV, you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN)

Why is a VPN required to Access and Watch Peacock TV in Canada?

Can you watch Peacock TV in Canada? No, you cannot watch Peacock TV in Canada unless you use a VPN and here we have explained why you need a VPN to watch Peacock TV in Canada.

The IP monitoring software of Peacock TV’s official website recognizes your IP address when you visit it on a device, and if you are not a US resident, it restricts your access. However, you can access the Peacock TV IP tracking system by changing your IP address to a US IP address using a VPN.

When accessing Peacock TV from Canada, you will receive the following message: When you connect to a VPN service, your Canadian IP address is concealed and changed to a US IP address. You may watch your favourite material without experiencing any geo-location issues because the US server cannot monitor you.

Peacock TV in Canada Geo-Restrictions Error

Why Isn’t Peacock TV Available in Canada? Peacock TV is geo-blocked outside USA, all you need to get your hands on a reliable VPN to unblock the geo-restrictions. There is nothing illegal or wrong with it. Unblocking geo-restricted websites like Best VPN for Netflix in Canada, DirecTV in Canada, and Vudu in Canada is one of the most reliable methods at your disposal.

A VPN can also help you to unblock BBC iPlayer in Canada, ESPN Plus in Canada, Hotstar in Canada, Zee5 in Canada, Optus Sport in Canada and much more channels.

If you are looking for the perfect VPNs to watch Peacock TV, we can help.

3 Best VPNs to watch Peacock TV in Canada [Quick Overview September 2023]

Can I access Peacock TV in Canada? Yes, you can access Peacock TV in Canada instead of the geo-restrictions just with the help of a premium VPN. Follow the rapid guide of 3 best VPNs.

  1. ExpressVPN: This is the most recommended and safest VPN, with around 3000 servers worldwide. With its yearly package, you can purchase ExpressVPN for $6.67/month and get a 3-month free trial. It has industry-disrupting encryption and lightning-fast servers. Moreover, it has 20 highly optimized servers in the USA, which will make your streaming experience immaculate.
  2. NordVPN: is the fastest and most reliable VPN, with approximately 5200 servers across many countries. You can purchase NordVPN for just $3.67/month with its 2-year subscription. NordVPN has more than 1970 fast and secure servers in the USA.
  3. Surfshark: is the most cost-effective VPN, with almost 3200 servers worldwide. You can purchase Surfshark for $2.49/month with its 2-year subscription. It offers high security, a strict no-log policy, NoBorders mode, and many more, with 600 optimized and highly functioning servers in the USA.

3 Best VPNs to Watch Peacock TV in Canada [Tested September 2023]

Can you unblock Peacock TV in Canada? Yes, you can unblock Peacock TV in Canada with a premium VPN, that will mask your original IP address into the new one to make you watch Peacock TV in Canada. Follow the detail description of top 3 Peacock VPNs.

ExpressVPN – Best VPN to Watch Peacock TV in Canada

ExpressVPN is the finest VPN for seeing Peacock TV from anywhere with over 3000 fast servers and 25 highly optimised server locations. It offers a yearly plan for $6.67/month with three months of free service, a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, and high-end encryption.

Because of its quick streaming speeds, unlimited bandwidth, round-the-clock chat support, and compatibility with a wide variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Firestick, Roku, Apple TV, Smart TV, Xbox, and PlayStation, our top option for Peacock TV in Canada are ExpressVPN.

Watch Peacock TV in Canada with ExpressVPN

This virtual private network (VPN) is the most reliable option for unblocking YouTube TV in HD without experiencing any buffering issues because it provides access to more than 3000 lightning-fast servers in more than 90 countries, including more than 500 of the fastest servers in the United States.

In addition, ExpressVPN can unblock YouTube TV for a monthly fee of as little as CAD 8.76 (USD 6.67) and offers a money-back guarantee for 30 days!

ExpressVPN’s streaming optimized servers can let you bypass the restrictions of Stan in Canada, Foxtel Go in Canada, DStv in Canada, beIN Sports in Canada and Kayo Sports in Canada.

NordVPN – Reliable VPN to Unblock Peacock TV in Canada

In addition to its 5,400+ servers spread across 80+ locations in 59 different countries, NordVPN also has 15 highly optimised servers in the United States. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 2-year subscription that costs $3.71 per month, a 2-year plan with a discount of 72% and free service for three months, and a 2-year plan.

Watch Peacock TV in Canada with NordVPN

NordVPN is a major player in the virtual private networks (VPNs) market. It is well-known as an excellent VPN for online streaming due to its fast servers located all over the world and the fact that it does not collect user activity logs.

You can also watch YouTube TV in Canada, SonyLIV in Canada, Voot in Canada, and HBO Max in Canada with NordVPN.

Surfshark – Affordable VPN to Access Peacock TV in Canada

Surfshark is the best low-cost VPN service that is currently available. It costs only $2.49 monthly for its two-year package network and allows users to watch Peacock TV in Canada. Surfshark has more than 3200 servers in 60+ countries, 23 highly optimised servers in the United States, and unlimited simultaneous connections.

When it comes to VPN services, Surfshark is both affordable and reliable. The cost is fair, and it serves its purpose. It keeps you safe and anonymous online with top-tier encryption and no activity logs. A significant number of fast servers located in the United States and elsewhere in the world contribute to Surfsharks high performance in speed tests.

Watch Peacock TV in Canada with Surfshark

It is both an accomplishment and a problem for a VPN that is compatible with a wide variety of streaming devices, such as ABC in Canada, 9NOW in Canada, and BBC iPlayer in Canada, while also getting behind China’s Great Firewall. You can use Surfshark on an infinite number of devices, and if you’re not satisfied, you have 30 days to get your money back.

With Surfshark you can easily access Hulu in Canada, Discovery Plus in Canada, and American Netflix in Canada.

When is Peacock TV coming to Canada?

Similar to other streaming services, it is probable that NBC Universal will attempt to expand Peacock to a foreign audience as it seeks to improve its subscriber base. There are presently no solid plans for any form of expansion outside the United States. However, Canadians can access NBC Universal’s reality TV shows through the hayu streaming service.

Why is Peacock TV not available in Canada?

Peacock TV in not available in Canada due to the licensing issues. It is only accessible in the US region. Thus, to watch Peacock TV in Canada you must subscribe to a reliable VPN and get hassle free streaming.

To What Extent do I need a VPN for Watching Peacock TV in Canada?

You must be in the United States of America to watch Peacock TV. However, because of modern technological advances, such as VPNs, it is now possible to watch Peacock TV online. There’s more explanation down below, so stay on reading and watching.

If you’re in Canada and you connect to a VPN to watch Peacock TV, the VOD tracking system will think you’re in the United States and let you watch the stream instead of giving you a geo-location error. It is necessary to use a Virtual Private Network in order to access the Canadian version of Peacock Streaming Service.

Is Peacock TV restricted in Canada?

Yes, Peacock TV is restricted in Canada due to the privacy protocols and licensing issues. But, you can watch Peacock TV in Canada with the help of a premium VPN and by-pass the geo-restrictions easily.

Can I Use a Free VPN to Watch Peacock TV in Canada?

While it is technically possible to utilize a VPN to access Peacock TV in Canada, I would advise against doing so. A free VPN can put you at risk of exposure since they lack robust encryption and may leak your IP address and domain name server information. Because of its superior encryption and robust set of security options, a premium VPN service like ExpressVPN comes highly recommended.

Can I Watch Peacock TV for Free?

If you join their free plan, you’ll have access to the service, but the library will be smaller, and there will be ads if you enter the service’s premium subscription.

Peacock TV is available in the United States on three separate tiers: free, premium with advertisements, and premium + with no ads. Here we’ll go through the specifics of each plan and how they vary from one another so you can pick the right one for your situation.

Peacock TV in Canada; Plans and Pricing

How much is Peacock TV in Canada? Here is some more detail of the plans and you would exactly know how much does Peacock TV in Canada costs.

Peacock TV in Canada Plans and Pricings

Free Version – Ad Supported Tier

Without cost, subsidized by advertisements Unlike HBO Max and Hulu, Tier Peacock TV offers a free option to customers, making the VOD battles more competitive. A user may join for its free plan with just an email address and a password; no credit card or other payment information is required.

The free plan provides access to a wide variety of shows, movies, news, live sports, and skit-style segments, some of which are particularly noteworthy.

For COMCAST Subscribers – Ad-supported Free OR $4.99

Neither 0 nor 4.99. This content is ad-supported and available only to COMCAST subscribers. If the ad-supported free version of Peacock TV isn’t enough, the Premium version may be purchased for $4.99 per month or $50 per year.

This Premium subscription gives you access to 20,000 more hours of video on top of all you get with the free plan. However, corporate representatives have assured customers that they would still watch commercials around five minutes after each hour.

Premium – Ad-Free for $9.99

The Peacock TV Premium Plus package is for you if you see commercials. For just $9.99, you can get ad-free premium access. All Premium plans feature advertisements and save videos to watch later without an internet connection. The annual fee for Premium Plus is $100, or $9.99 a month.

What is the Difference between Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus?

The sole difference between Peacock Premium and Peacock Premium Plus is that the latter does not include advertisements. Even if you pay for Peacock Premium, you will still be subjected to ads lasting between three and five minutes per hour when you watch content from Peacock.

However, if you want to avoid seeing advertisements, you may remove them from your experience by upgrading to Peacock Premium Plus.

Compatible Devices for Peacock TV in Canada

Which devices does Peacock TV support? Peacock TV supports the following devices:

  1. Android Apple TV
  2. Android TV iOS
  3. Xbox One
  4. Chromecast on the LG Smart TV
  5. The PlayStation 4 (PS4)
  6. Vizio SmartCast TV Roku

How to Download Peacock TV App in Canada?

How to get Peacock in Canada on Android Devices? If you want to watch Peacock TV in Canada on your Android or iOS smartphone, you will need to follow the procedures that are outlined below:

  1. Get ExpressVPN right this second! Our highest recommendation!
  2. Establish a connection to a server that is located in the United States.
  3. Create a brand new Google account, and then log in to it.
  4. In the Play Store, you should be able to find the Peacock TV app.
  5. Install it, and then register for a free account on the website.
  6. Congratulations, Peacock TV, has been successfully installed on your Android smartphone!

How to Get Peacock TV App on iOS

Can I get Peacock TV in Canada? Yes, you can get Peacock TV in Canada, to watch Peacock TV in Canada on iOS devices follow these steps:

  1. To get started, go to Settings > Network on your iPhone and change the region of your Apple ID to the United States.
  2. ExpressVPN is now available for download on your iOS device.
  3. Establish a connection to a server that is located in the United States.
  4. Try looking for it in the Apple App Store under the name “Peacock TV.”
  5. Install the program, and then create an account for it.
  6. Voila! You may now begin watching your preferred television shows immediately.

How to Access Peacock TV in Canada on Roku?

Can you access Peacock TV in Canada? Yes, you can access Peacock TV in Canada on Roku. Follow the mentioned below steps to access Peacock TV on Roku:

  1. Download and install ExpressVPN and connect it to your Wi-Fi router.
  2. Connect to the US server.
  3. Now insert your Roku stick into your smart TV through the HDMI port.
  4. Turn on your device and select Peacock TV Canada on the Roku homescreen, and you are good to go.

How Can I Stream Peacock TV in Canada on Smart TV?

Can you stream Peacock in Canada? Yes, you can stream Peacock in Canada on Smart TV by following these easy steps:

  1. Download and install a premium VPN. We highly recommend ExpressVPN.
  2. Connect to a US-based server.
  3. Go into your Wi-Fi router’s admin.
  4. Connect it to your VPN network.
  5. Download the Peacock App Canada on your smart TV, and create a free account to start watching.

How to Download Peacock TV App on FireTV or FireStick

Peacock may be seen in Canada if the Peacock TV app is downloaded onto an Amazon Firestick streaming device.

Follow the straightforward steps below:

  1. Begin the process of starting up your Firestick or Fire TV.
  2. Go to the Amazon App store.
  3. Try to find the peacock.
  4. Simply get the app by clicking the “Get” button.
  5. After the program has been downloaded and installed, you may begin streaming.

If you are still unsure whether to utilise a Virtual Private Network (VPN) technique to get Peacock TV Canada, the following comparison might help clarify things for you.

Comparison between watching Peacock TV via VPN and on Corus Entertainment Channels

  1. While Corus requires monthly subscription costs, a VPN connection is completely free of charge.
  2. While Corus only broadcasts a select number of Peacock TV originals, VPN allows users to view the library.
  3. VPN consolidates all of the material onto one platform, although titles may be found on a number of other chorus channels.
  4. While a VPN does not offer live sports streaming, you may watch exclusive episodes on the day they are released. Live sports streaming is not available on VPNs.

Best Shows on Peacock TV in Canada

What shows are on Peacock Canada? Peacock TV gives you access to various entertaining shows, live material, and movies, including sports, the Olympics, news, and plenty more. The following list includes some of the most popular shows in Peacock TV subscription plans.

  • Free Tier Peacock Premium Peacock Originals
  • Saturday Night Live Frasier Intelligence
  • Royal Pains Two and a Half Men The Capture
  • 30 Rock House Psych 2: Lassie Come Home
  • Phantom Thread Cheers Brave New World
  • A Friend of the Family
  • Vampire Academy
  • Law and Order: SVU
  • Rutherford Falls

Countries to Watch Peacock TV in with a VPN


Is it possible to watch Peacock TV in Canada?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as Peacock TV in Canada. You may access it from outside the United States as long as you have a virtual private network (VPN).

Is it against the law to use a VPN in Canada to watch Peacock TV?

The usage of a virtual private network (VPN) is lawful in the majority of nations. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) lets users stream Peacock TV easily.

Where can I get the Peacock TV in Canada?

You may access Peacock TV in Canada through a variety of different channels. However, using a premium Virtual Private Network (VPN) service like ExpressVPN, Surfshark, or NordVPN is the most reliable option to get Peacock TV when you are located outside the United States.

Is there a free version of Peacock accessible in Canada?

NBC Peacock TV allows users to sign up for their service at no cost. You can view it free in Canada if you can access Peacock TV over a virtual private network (VPN).

Is it possible to watch Peacock on a variety of various devices?

On almost all streaming devices, one can access Peacock TV in Canada through its official website or the Peacock TV app. These devices include Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Firestick/Fire TV, Xbox One, PlayStation, Vizio, Samsung Smart TV, and LG Smart TV.

One can watch Peacock TV on almost all streaming devices through its official website or app. Peacock may also be accessed with the use of Chromecast and on any device that possesses an integrated version of Chromecast.

Why Can’t I watch Peacock TV in Canada?

Peacock TV is geo-blocked in Canada due to the licensing protocols whereas you can watch Peacock TV in Canada by subscribing to a reliable VPN. (We trust ExpressVPN)

Wrapping Up:

We did our best to provide you with instructions on using the safest VPNs to view Peacock TV in Canada. What are you waiting for then? Get ExpressVPN right away to binge-watch the fascinating and modern shows of your choice on Peacock TV Canada.


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