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How to Watch Voot in Australia [Simple Guide September 2023]

Watch Voot in Australia

Can you watch Voot in Australia? Yes, you can watch Voot in Australia, but only if you use a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN because of its reliable and fast servers.

How to Watch Voot in Australia [Updated Sept 2023]

  1. Sign up for ExpressVPN and download its application.
  2. Install and launch the VPN client.
  3. After entering your credentials, proceed to the servers list.
  4. Choose an Indian server from the list and enjoy watching your favorite shows on Voot.

Why is a VPN essential to unblock Voot in Australia?

Does Voot work in Australia? No, Voot does not work in Australia. However, you can still watch Voot in Australia.

Voot is not available anywhere except in India. This means that whenever you try to access Voot in Australia you will see a geo-restriction error. The following picture will occur whenever you try to use Voot in Australia;

Voot in Australia Geo-Restrictions Error

However, if you still want to watch Voot in Australia you will need a VPN with servers from India. The VPN will trick Voot into thinking you are accessing Voot from India by changing your IP address to an Indian one.

Top 3 VPNs to Get Voot in Australia [Quick Overview Sept 2023]

  • ExpressVPN is the market leader and the best VPN to watch Voot in Australia. It has a user-friendly application compatible with all the streaming devices, such as Roku, Firestick, Kodi, Smart TV, Android, and iOS devices. It has over 3000 servers across 94 countries. You can purchase ExpressVPN for $6.67/month.
  • NordVPN has the most expansive network to watch Voot in Australia. It has 5310+ servers in 59 countries. You can simultaneously connect 6 devices with NordVPN. It has 24/7 customer service and a 30-day money-back guarantee and is available for $4.99/month.
  • Surfshark is the most affordable VPN industry to watch Voot in Australia. It has a competitive price with 3200+ servers across 65 countries. You can purchase Surfshark for $2.49/month. It offers unlimited simultaneous connections and a 30-day refund policy. Moreover, it has industry-leading encryption, Kill Switch, and 24/7 customer service.

3 Best VPNs to Watch Voot in Australia [Detailed Analysis September 2023]

ExpressVPN – Fastest and most secure VPN to watch Voot in Australia

ExpressVPN is the fastest and most secure VPN on the market, making it an appropriate choice for streaming Voot in Australia. You can conveniently watch Voot in Australia using ExpressVPN and enjoy unlimited streaming hours.

ExpressVPN has more than 3 optimized and robust servers in India. You can purchase ExpressVPN for $6.67 monthly with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You also get MediaStreamer with ExpressVPN, which enables you to access all major and restricted platforms such as Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, Disney Plus, etc.

Watch Voot in Australia with ExpressVPN

Although it has exclusive pricing and is more expensive than other competitive VPNs, it allows you to connect 5 devices while maintaining privacy and safety.

It offers the most lucrative returns and benefits; get ExpressVPN now!

NordVPN – The most Reliable and Efficient VPN to watch Voot in Australia

NordVPN disrupted the VPN industry with its notable security features and surmounting geo-restriction capabilities. Moreover, it is ultra-useful because it is not only compatible with Hulu, but you can also access the industry’s leading streaming platforms, such as HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix with NordVPN. Moreover, it has 1970 servers only in the US, so you will never experience trouble watching Voot in Australia with NordVPN.

Watch Voot in Australia with NordVPN

It comes with a complementary SmartPlay feature that can optimally and swiftly trespass the geo-restriction of all major streaming platforms. So you can stream Voot in Australia in high quality without connectivity obstructions and aggravating lags.

Planning to make the most sustainable purchase to watch Voot in AUSTRALIA – Get NordVPN now!

Surfshark – Most Affordable VPN to watch Voot in Australia

Surfshark is an affordable VPN to circumnavigate geo-restriction and watch Voot in AUSTRALIA. You can purchase Surfshark for $2.30/month with its 2-year subscription. You would also receive 3 months free trial; trust me, it’s the best and most cost-effective deal.

Watch Voot in Australia with Surfshark

It has all the essential and top-notch features you would expect from a premium VPN service. It has approximately 3200+ servers in around 63 countries. All its servers provide instant connectivity and are optimum for watching Voot in Australia. In addition, it has brilliant security features that guarantee online security while streaming geo-restricted websites. The features include Clean Web, AES 256 GCM encryption, and Kill Switch.

Voot Subscription Cost in Australia

  • Monthly Package INR 99 (1.90 AUD)
  • Yearly Package INR 499 (9.55 AUD)

Note: Prices are constant in INR. However, it might be subject to change in Euros as per the conversion rate.

How to Subscribe to Voot Channel in Australia?

Follow these steps to Subscribe to Voot in Australia;

  1. Launch your ExpressVPN App and connect to an Indian Server.
  2. Open your Voot account and find the “Upgrade” button in the top-left corner.
  3. Now choose your plan and enter the payment details.
  4. Once the confirmation email arrives, you can access your favorite shows on Voot.

Why is Voot geographically restricted in Australia?

Voot has content distribution policies that only allow them to let Indian viewers have access to the channel. Thus, users from the Australia are not able to access Voot. However, the blog explains the perfect and quick guide to unblock and access Voot in Australia.

Can I use Free VPN to Watch Voot in Australia?

Though you can use a free VPN to watch Voot in the Australia, this is not recommended. Not recommending a free VPN is the security and buffering issues that come with it. This is why we suggest you use a premium VPN like ExpressVPN.

How to Watch Voot live online in the Australia?

To watch Voot live online in Australia, you will need a VPN. We have explained the ins and outs of watching Voot in Australia for you in this blog. This way is applicable to watch Voot anywhere outside India, including the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, UAE, and any other country you live in.

Can I watch Voot in Australia if I don’t have a VPN?

Well, that is not possible. There is no way of unblocking Voot in Australia if you don’t have a VPN.

How do I watch Voot in Australia or on other devices?

You can watch Voot in Australia on your devices, and here are the quick steps to do it easily.

How do I watch videos on Voot on Android devices in the US?

In this section, we’ll look at how to use your Android device to watch videos on Voot in the Australia:

  1. First, open Google Play Store and go to the ” Account Settings section.”
  2. Now, click on Counties and Profiles to choose India as a region.
  3. They might get a message that says “Warning,” accept the changes, and then wait a minute.
  4. When you’re done, open the VPN app and choose an Indian server.
  5. Next, start the Voot app in the US and sign in with your information to watch all the popular shows.

How Can I Watch Voot in Australia on iOS?

In this section, the steps may differ depending on your chosen operating system, but they will show you how to watch Voot in Australia on iOS.

  1. Find the “iTunes and App Stores” option in the settings menu of your iOS device.
  2. Tap “Apple ID” and then “View Apple ID” in the “iTunes and App Stores” area.
  3. Choose “Country,” then tap the “Change the Country” button.
  4. Choose India, and then wait until the process is done.
  5. Go to the App Store to download the Voot app in the USA.
  6. Start the VPN app and connect your devices to the server in India so you can watch the streaming.

Best Voot channels and shows to watch in Australia

There are a number of channels on Voot that you can watch on Voot in Australia.

  • CNN
  • News
  • 18
  • Nickelodeon
  • Vice
  • MTV
  • Beats
  • Nine
  • Colors
  • Channels
  • MTV
  • Vh1
  • Voot eSports
  • Firstpost

Top Trending Voot Web Series

  • The Stand
  • Candy
  • The Gone Game
  • Marzi
  • The Raikar Case

Must-watch shows to Watch on Voot in Australia

  • Bigg Boss
  • Shaadi Boys
  • JDJ (Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa)
  • Beintehaa
  • MTV
  • Splitsvilla
  • Taranath Tantrik
  • Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat
  • Balika Vadhu
  • Comedy Nights Bachao
  • Coke Studio
  • Feet Up with The Stars
  • Marzi Asura
  • American’s Got Talent
  • Baywatch
  • Britain’s Got Talent
  • Martha Bakes

Watch Voot in these Countries with a VPN

FAQs on Voot in Australia

Is Voot available in Australia?

No, Voot is not available in Australia, but you can still watch Voot in Australia if you use a VPN. We recommend ExpressVPN.

In which countries is Voot available?

Voot is currently only available in India. However, if you want to watch Voot anywhere outside India, you will need a VPN.

When is Voot coming to Australia?

The question “when will Voot be launched in Australia?” is still unanswered because there is no official announcement from Voot about the same. Thus, the only thing that we have suggest you currently is to use a VPN.

Is Voot available for free in the Australia?

Voot is a free streaming service, but to watch Voot in the Australia, you will need a premium VPN, which might cost you a bit.

Why is Voot not working in the Australia?

Voot will not work in Australia because it is geo-restricted. However, a VPN can help here.


Voot is an Indian geo-restricted channel that is only accessible in India, but if you want to unblock and watch Voot in Australia, you will need a VPN. We have explained everything about accessing Voot in Australia in this blog. Happy Binging.

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